Today’s music industry can be considered an ever-evolving business, at times seeming impossible to stay ahead of the curve and create something new and fresh unless you are speaking of the Brooklyn Brovaz (Brothers).

The Brook Brovaz, have created a musical powerhouse that has worked with an impressive list of noteworthy musicians and songwriters, including some of the hottest upcoming to multi-platinum Grammy award winning artists.

Brook Brovaz number one goal is to positively impact the music industry by creating timeless music of all genres for the masses and generations to come.

The corporation is led by the first lady Cloe Luv, which is the first stop for the many talented young men and women she has taken under wing.

Brook Brovaz is a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of artist management & development, recording studios, visual production, merchandising and music production.

The recording facilities is ran by one of the most humble yet talented female engineers in Brooklyn, New York, Kia Shavon. Kia’s resume is extensive, including assisting in audio for the NBA/WNBA, recording  a wide range of notable artist that have graced the Billboard charts.

The music production sector consists of producers, Belle Boy, Shak-Trauma and Silver. With years of expertise in music production, these men have already worked with some of music’s significant game changers, as well as product placement with a plethora of distinguished T.V., Film and radio broadcast companies.

Brook Brovaz is a full service music concierge, that is staffed with some of the best Dj’s, songwriters, engineers, cinematographers, producers and artists the game has to offer. Brook Brovaz is first a family, then a business and works closely with their clients and affiliates in their Brook Brovaz family tree.

-Music Production

– Song Writing/Vocal Coaching

– Mixing & Mastering

– Photography/Cinematography

– Event Hosting/Dj’s

– Artist Management & Development

– Marketing & Branding